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Stephen Heiner began this blog a few weeks before he moved to Paris in late 2013, as he started to document his move to Europe, where he had not lived since he was a student in 2000 in Rome.  He sold an educational company in the US in 2012 and came to France not quite sure of what was next or how long he would stay.  He tried out several different new businesses (with varying levels of success) before founding Writerly in 2016 to help businesses in Europe and around the world share great content with their current and potential clients.  To see what else he gets up to, you can check out his personal website, where you can also find his social media feeds.


Molli Sebrier has lived in Paris since 2014 when she decided to leave her American life behind and pursue her dream of becoming a writer. Since living abroad, Molli has earned her master’s degree in English Studies with a concentration in literature and is now working towards making that becoming a writer thing happen. If you’re interested in following your own dreams of moving to France, she also offers consulting.

You can follow her journey on Instagram @mollisebrier, and if you like to read, Molli runs a female-focused book review website called The Mistress of Books. You can also follow her website on Instagram @themistressofbooks.


Gracie Bialecki is a writer and literary coach who has lived in Paris since 2018. Her fiction, essays, and video poems have appeared in various publications including Epiphany Magazine where she was a monthly columnist.

Gracie is also the co-founder of Thirst, a gallery and storytelling series; a poetry editor at Paris Lit Up; and the author of Youth, a collection of poetry. Her novel, Purple Gold, was published by ANTIBOOKCLUB in 2020.

As we came together to refound TAIP as a collaborative project, we set forth four key values, which we ask all our guest contributors to follow as well:

Optimism – Americans are very much the “everything is awesome” people and we lean into that.  We are “solutions-oriented” and wholly uninterested in the French tradition of complaining.

Integrity – We only want to share verifiable information.  When necessary we will call out misinformation, especially when such misinformation is used to drive a financial agenda.

Accessibility – We want our content to be well-written yet understandable by all.

Authentic – While this is not a personal blog (anymore) we do want to be emotionally vulnerable/open when appropriate.

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  1. I would love to follow your story and updates. I am 54 and have a daughter living in Aix Provence for 5 months — we love all France, she has a degree in French Language.

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