How to Move to France, Part 3

The Nomadic Network has had me on in the past months to talk about the ins and out of moving to France, particularly from non-EU countries.  Tomorrow will be the final webinar in a three episode run.  It’s free and you can ask whatever question you might have about coming to this beautiful country.  If you’d like to watch parts 1 and 2 you can find them on the Nomadic Matt Patreon.  I look forward to answering your questions as best I can!

One thought on “How to Move to France, Part 3

  1. Hi there,


    First thank you sooo much for this very interesting article which was very useful for me before I moved to France. However, there is one important point that is often forgotten when we talk about moving to France : housing. I came as a student (with no income) to France and it was a nightmare to find a rental in Paris. All the landlords asked me to have a French guarantor but I didn’t know anyone at that time. I had to sleep in a hostel for a few months before someone told me about a solution that saved me and that I would have liked to know about before – it’s a company that act as a guarantor for foreigners and I found a flat directly. It’s called Cautioneo and all my friends used it when they came to live here. Here you go, just a little tip that may be useful for some people 😉

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