How to Move to France, Part 3

The Nomadic Network has had me on in the past months to talk about the ins and out of moving to France, particularly from non-EU countries.  Tomorrow will be the final webinar in a three episode run.  It’s free and you can ask whatever question you might have about coming to this beautiful country.  If you’d like to watch parts 1 and 2 you can find them on the Nomadic Matt Patreon.  I look forward to answering your questions as best I can!

Two Hour Ask Me Anything Session on Moving to France

The webinar I did a couple weeks ago had over 130 attendees and as such there were a number of questions I didn’t have time to answer.  I’m going to tackle those and some new ones this week on an AMA (ask me anything) session hosted by the Nomadic Network.  It’s free to attend and I look forward to answering your questions!

Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay