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29% off 29 Days to France or BOGO with the new New Zealand Book

Well it’s Christmas Eve’s Eve and while some people are gearing up to have a one-day celebration of Christmas, here at TAIP we plan to celebrate for 29 days, starting today!

Our 29 Days to France book is only about 18 months old, but it’s already had a lasting impact on many readers who have written to tell us they’ve used it as a start-to-finish roadmap to get ready for their move to France. Here’s one review from Amazon:

29 Days to France is not only handy, it addresses not just the logistics, but the emotional and mental challenges involved with moving to this wonderful place that I have called home for 7 years. Many of the questions that the authors pose — like why do you want to move to France, which visa to obtain, what’s one’s long-term plan — are relevant for situations like obtaining French nationality. A move to France is not for the faint of heart, and this guides prospective residents through the entire residency process. Well-done!

Whether you’re thinking about making the move yourself or want to nudge a friend who has been talking about it for a bit too long, our book is a collection of at least 29 years of experience between the authors. Use our mistakes (and what we’ve learned) to your benefit.

The coupon code is TWENTY9 and you enter it after you’ve added the book to cart (you’ll see a link to “add coupon code”).

But wait, there’s more!

We have changed how we sell the book now and each paperback comes with a free digital and free autoresponder version. This means you’re effectively getting three books for the price of one. You can keep all of them for yourself or you can send two of them out as gifts to friends. While the paperback can’t get there before the 25th, these codes certainly can (codes are normally sent out within 12 hours of your order, if not sooner).

But wait, there’s another offer! (Promise, this is the last “but wait”)

I co-wrote a book about traveling to New Zealand after completing my third trip to that magical country earlier this year. It is (you guessed it) called 29 Days to New Zealand: Preparing for Your Journey to Aotearoa. If you don’t use the coupon above and instead buy a full-priced 29 Days to France, I will throw in a free 3-in-1 copy of the New Zealand book at no additional charge. We’re experiencing a redirect problem at the moment, so please send us an email at info@thelifeyouwant.io to let us know that you bought the book so we can send you a free copy. This promotion, as the one above, expires on January 20th, 2024. Just be a bit patient as the infrastructure for the two books is not seamless (they are both 29 Days books, but are promoted and sold differently) so you’ll probably get your codes for the digital and autoresponder within a day or so of your order rather than immediately.

In either case, you’ll get six books for the cost of one. That’s a hard deal to pass up, especially if you’ve even been slightly curious about ever making it to the wonderful place that is the Land of the Long White Cloud.

And there’s nothing like a new year to put a long-delayed plan into action, whether that’s a big move to France or a big trip to New Zealand.

Whether you take advantage of this sale or not, have a very blessed Christmas from the team here at TAIP.

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